Icon Category Overview

Complete list with all the available icon categories.

Discover animal icons on CandyIcons. From cute baby animals to cool pets, we've got everything you need for your projects.
Discover object icons at CandyIcons. From pencils to chairs, our icons are perfect for adding some tangible details to your designs.
Find the perfect shape icons at CandyIcons. From circles to triangles, our icons will add some geometric flair to your designs.
Satisfy your design hunger with our food icons at CandyIcons. From pizza to sushi, our icons will make your designs look delicious.
Find drink icons at CandyIcons. From hot coffee to cool cocktails, our drink icons will quench your thirst for design.
Get expressive with our collection of face icons at CandyIcons. From happy to sad, our icons will add personality to your designs.
Explore farming icons on CandyIcons. From tractors to crops, our farming icons are perfect for agriculture-related projects.
Dive into our fish icon collection at CandyIcons. From colorful fish to fishing gear, our icons will make a splash in your designs.
Smell the flowers with CandyIcons. From roses to sunflowers, our flower icons will bloom in your designs.
Get fruity with our fruit icons at CandyIcons. From apples to bananas, our icons will add some zesty flair to your designs.
Find the perfect vehicle icons for your designs at CandyIcons. From cars to bicycles, our icons will add some motion to your projects.
Level up your designs with our game icons at CandyIcons. From game controllers to board games, our icons are a win for all kinds of games.
Find the perfect hardware icons at CandyIcons. From smartphones to laptops, our icons will add a tech-savvy touch to your designs.
Spell it out with our letter icons at CandyIcons. From A to Z, our icons will make your designs pop with typography.
Glam up your designs with our makeup icons at CandyIcons. From lipstick to eyeshadow, our icons will add a touch of glam to your designs.
Hook your designs up with our fishing icons at CandyIcons. From fishing rods to fish species, our icons will lure in your audience.
Bring some greenery into your designs with our plant icons at CandyIcons. From cacti to ferns, our icons will add a natural touch to your projects.
Blast off into space with our space icons at CandyIcons. From rocket ships to astronauts, our icons will give your designs a cosmic feel.
Get sporty with our collection of sports icons at CandyIcons. From football to basketball, our icons will score a touchdown in your designs.
Express yourself with our symbol icons at CandyIcons. From hearts to peace signs, our icons will add some emotion to your designs.
Hit the road with our travel icons at CandyIcons. From suitcases to airplanes, our icons are perfect for travel-related projects.

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