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An apple in light green , sea green , cornflower blue , goldenrod color scheme.

1024x1024 high-resolution images

All app icon sizes with exact designs for each platform

Ready-to-use custom favicon packages

Full copyright ownership

Product details

1024x1024 high-resolution image

This icon's original image has a maximum resolution of 1024x1024 pixels, making it highly detailed and beautiful.

All app icon sizes with exact designs for macOS and iOS

A comprehensive range of app icon sizes for both macOS and iOS.
Creating a beautiful and cohesive user experience, always in line with Apple design guidelines.

Apple Design Guidelines

Ready-to-use custom favicon packages

Multiple styles for you to choose from.
Available images with all the necessary sizes for your website.




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Full copyright ownership

No one can buy or use your purchased icon.
Utilize and modify the icon according to your preferences.
Resell and redistribute.
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